Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aku Rasa Groggy

I was prescribed with many packs of medication to cure my current unknown Influenza from my doctor last two days. She was concerned that if I ever been to any country outside Malaysia recently, and I said No, and I said that probably I would be going to Rio De Janeiro *hmm* next week, and Bangkok next month, and Mexico this coming August, and Prague on August too.

Of course it was a big fat stinking lie.

She said it would be better if I cancel those trips. I said OK. Haha

The thing is, I love the ubat selsema. Rasa macam high and stone semacam, lepas tu kepala rasa groggy, then mata kuyu tak ingat.

Semalam, it was the same thing. Aku balik kerja at 6pm, took my dinner, lepas tu telan ubat. At 8pm, kepala rasa berat gila lepas tu aku tidur. Woke up at 0045, kepala still rasa light headed dan aku resumed tidur.

Pagi ni aku rasa fresh. Maybe aku patut makan ubat selesema lagi malam ni.

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