Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dickheads Find Solace In Papaya Farm

Juices are building up pressure in dickheads' schlongs for more than ten days now, causing obvious swellings that is so apparent no baggy pants can hide. Girls passing by flashing their boobs, swaying right and left, jerking up and down, making waves of lactating breasts men will insist to squeeze.

These dickheads - three of them - more like stooges, will always gather at a place, usually at Burnt Dick's, where Pinky Dick and Skinny Dick will come over and sprawl a plan on where to go, what color of papayas they need to squeeze, and how many shoots are they capable of on that particular night.

Burnt Dick tops the chart with self proclaim "Super Expandable Schlong with the Capability of Handling Multi Orgasm" although Pinky claims the same either. Well Skinny because of thick wallet that he possesses, resort to softer papaya in the private room. The quality tops the other two. Well money can buy anything right, so does Papaya in this context.

Three full hours of pure joy, they claim 'We Are The Fucktards In The Merryland'.

These fucktards/dickheads are going again, hunting for the best papaya in the best farm ever. Well, money should not be any constraint they say, we will pay you, more than we willing to splurge.

We'll see fucktards.

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