Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lawak Para Manager Buat Aku Blank

My company loves to do redundant tak perlu meetings every morning. The matters like achievement and what not fill the first 30 minutes of our everyday working life. And then, at the end of it, Mr Chairman needs to make dumb of himself and tells story of sometimes *ehem* un-funny.

Pagi ni ada meeting lagi. As usual, one by one talked about their achievement and breakdowns and the likes. And tiba tiba when it came to story sharing session, semua manager gelak gelak. Then this one big bulky oversized manager came in front with papers of unknown, then manager gelak gelak.

I was like WTF?

And then another manager buat lawak genius macam gampang, lepas tu gelak.

Semua orang blank. Aku included.

Lawak manager serius memerlukan IQ yang tinggi untuk difahami.

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