Thursday, June 25, 2009

Engkau Yang Useless

Two months of doing nothing except blogging is nothing but super cool. It feels so ethereal that no one comes near to you and throw pungent stinky shits on your face and scream at your face, and no scary deadlines, no data manipulation, no simulation, no nothing.

Well, at one point, the feeling of being useless is so unavoidable, with people keep on approaching me and ask one clever question (I know they are trying to be nice, promoting good gesture just to start a conversation) like

"Bila last?"

Ooohhhh most of the times, I smile (senyum tunjuk gigi) and say,

"Tak lama lagi"

Masuk kali ni, dah 2 kali aku resign. Ermm, do not ask me why, suffice to say that I look forward to better opportunities, I grab everything that comes.

Aku bukan jenis tolak rezeki. Orang offer, aku sebat. But the offer must fulfils a few criteria in my list. Kena la jadi pandai kalau nak hidup lama.

Tapi semua di atas bukan sebab kenapa entry ini dibuat. Aku taip entry ini sebab aku memang tak ada kerja.

And that is the reason why I start blogging again.


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